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Further information:
Houghton Hall

Eighteenth Century Landscape Design

Stephen Cox

James Turrell

Richard Long
Richard Long - Walking in Circles Pub. Thames and Hudson ISBN 0-500-27650-1

Liz McGowan – artist, workshop leader and principal author of this teachers pack

Artists working directly with the land:
Hamish Fulton – land artist – walking is central to his practice

Chris Drury – land artist – walking is a part of his practice

Agnes Denes – artist involved in large scale ecological regeneration – here with tree planting

Mierle Laderman Ukeles – artist involved in ecological regeneration of landfill sites

Walter De Maria – another artist working with light – lightning in this case

Photographs of work by US land artists:
Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, two massive trenches cut into the Nevada desert Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty
Work by Christo who uses huge areas of material to create fences and to wrap whole buildings.

Artists working in a range of media with landscape and light
Andreas Gursky – artist using photography to portray contemporary landscapes and cityscapes - reader-link

Jeff Wall – artist who sets up and photographs carefully orchestrated tableaux of social and political significance

The Saatchi Gallery – a good source of contemporary painters of landscapes including Julian Opie who paints “non-spaces” such as motorways

Bridget Riley – painter using colour abstracted from the landscape

Dan Flavin – Artist working with light – this time artificial, fluorescent light

Other useful links
Photographs of Zen dry gardens

Nazca lines – An ancient assortment of straight parallel and intersecting lines and symbols of birds and beasts in the Peruvian desert – all etched on a giant scale that can only be appreciated from the sky

Indian stone carving – inspiration for Stephen Cox

This Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates how much productive land and water is needed to support your lifestyle